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How to Choose the Right Glass Kitchen Splashback: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

In the domain of modern kitchen design, glass splashbacks have emerged as a key element providing not just a protective barrier for your kitchen walls but also enhancing the visual appeal of the space. Coupling elegance with modernity, choosing the apt glass splashback can elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

However, choosing the kitchen splashback that’s right for you can be tough. There are a lot of options and a lot of choices out there, and you’re going to want to make sure you’re spending your money in the right place.

That’s what this guide is all about, as we deep dive into the world of kitchen splashbacks, exploring what they are, what they do, why you need one, and how you can choose the best for your home.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is a Kitchen Splashback?

A kitchen splashback is a protective feature installed on the wall behind the stovetop or sink. As the name suggests, its primary purpose is to ‘splash back’ any cooking debris, liquids, or water, safeguarding the wall from potential stains and damage.

More than a functional addition, kitchen splashbacks have evolved into significant design elements, contributing greatly to the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. They come in a variety of materials, but glass splashbacks are especially appreciated for their sleek and modern look.

Advantages of Having a Kitchen Splashback

There’s a myriad of benefits that come with incorporating a splashback into your kitchen, such as:

  • Hygiene and Ease of Cleaning: Splashbacks are easy to wipe down, keeping your cooking area clean and sanitary.
  • Protective Barrier: They shield your walls from heat, water, and cooking splatters, preserving the integrity of your kitchen walls.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a wide array of finishes and materials, splashbacks can enhance your kitchen’s design and add an element of luxe.
  • Light Reflection: Particularly relevant for glass splashbacks, they tend to reflect light, making your kitchen appear larger and brighter.
  • Heat Resistant: Splashbacks, especially those made from glass, are heat resistant, a crucial factor considering their proximity to the stovetop.
  • Customisability: Splashbacks can be personalized to a great extent, allowing you to make a statement with bold colours, digital prints, or a minimalist touch with clear glass

In a nutshell, a kitchen splashback is an excellent investment, bringing together practicality and style, enhancing your culinary experience while adding value and character to your space.

Understanding the Appeal of Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks have swiftly ascended the popularity ladder, primarily because they zero in on offering a sleek, avant-garde look while ensuring supreme hygiene and effortless cleanability. Also, they ingeniously reflect light, concurrently brightening up your kitchen and augmenting the illusion of space.

Evaluating Your Needs

Contemplate your cooking habits and lifestyle while opting for a splashback. If you find yourself cooking frequently, a glass splashback could quite fit the bill by being resistant to heat, stains, and splashes. Not to forget, it’s incredibly easy to clean – a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth suffices to keep it gleaming.

Coordinating with Your Kitchen Design

Your splashback should harmonize with your kitchen’s comprehensive aesthetic appeal. A clear glass splashback subtly blends with any design style. Alternatively, a coloured or printed glass can make a bold and daring statement.

Choosing Between Clear, Coloured, and Printed Glass

One of the most important aspects of your glass splashbacks is, indeed, the glass itself. There are several options to choose from here, each with their own pros and cons, and reasons why you’d be interested in having them.

Clear Glass: For those preferring a minimalist visual, clear glass splashbacks are spot-on as they subtly allow your wall colour to peer through, rendering a clean finish.

Coloured Glass: Intending to add a dash of colour to your kitchen? Coloured glass splashbacks are your go-to. They come in a spectrum of shades, facilitating easy coordination with your cabinets, worktop, or accessories.

Printed Glass: Printed glass splashbacks pave the way for you to flaunt a custom image or pattern on your splashback, thereby adding a unique and personal touch to your kitchen.

Considering the Finish: Glossy vs Matte

Although glossy glass splashbacks reflect copious amounts of light and augment your kitchen’s space, they tend to display smudges and fingerprints more conspicuously than matte finishes. Thus, contemplate the practicality and maintenance aspects before finalizing your choice.

Measuring Your Space

Accurate measurements before ordering your glass splashback are of paramount importance. Don’t forget to consider outlets and switches. To ensure precision, it’s usually recommended to seek professional help for measurement and installation, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Checking Safety Standards

Opting for toughened or tempered glass splashbacks is always the smarter choice as they boast unparalleled strength as compared to regular glass. Their capability to withstand higher temperatures renders them safer for kitchen usage.

Thinking About Installation and Maintenance

It’s always prudent to get glass splashbacks installed professionally so they’re securely fitted. As for maintenance, it’s pretty straightforward. A quick wipe with a glass cleaner conveniently removes stains and smudges.


Selecting the right glass splashback entails several considerations, including your needs, your kitchen’s design, the type of glass, the finish, measurements, safety standards, and maintenance aspects. With judicious choices, your glass splashback can metamorphose into a beautiful focal point, seamlessly uniting functionality with high-end design in your kitchen.

Looking for top-notch, stylish, and functional glass splashback solutions? Sussex Balustrade Solutions provides bespoke options tailored to your needs.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation, and take your first step on your way to your dream kitchen.



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